Artist Statement

My work is a celebration of harmony in nature. A driving force behind my sculptural works rests on a fascination with shapes and how the negative and positive space of a geometrical composition can reflect both the real and the imaginary. I find this inspiration not only in material, but in humanity alike. In creating what could be considered a sculptural collage, I explore my natural inclination to see how various elements can somehow live and be beautiful together... and be different at the same time.

Working with wood enables me to dive into an organic artistic process, in more than one way. Given structure or softness, I’ve found this material to best create perfection in symmetry. Symmetry to me is not only beauty, but peace. I want the viewers of my work to feel that. Many of my sculptures are also created with found objects, further translating my intentions of exploring how everything– material, nature, people– fit together seamlessly.

For more than 30 years, I’ve worked as a jewelry designer, where fashion, history and a keen eye for design has taken precedence. Nevertheless, the influence of the female form, of grace and of personal perspective has informed my fine art and has continued this dialogue between these two sides of my curiosity, that once again, fit seamlessly together.